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What are the US Proxies?

US proxies serve as specialized intermediaries for internet access, offering a US-based IP address. This unique feature empowers users to navigate the internet as if they were physically in the United States. These proxies excel at efficiently handling user data requests and transmitting responses, effortlessly connecting users with their preferred online services and websites. The primary focus is on ensuring a dependable, top-tier online experience, while also establishing a US digital footprint.

Top Uses of US Proxies

US proxies are a crucial asset for internet users looking to elevate their online experience. They serve as your virtual shield, offering enhanced security, anonymity, and access to region-restricted content. Discover the myriad benefits tailored to both individual and business needs, and see how US proxies can transform your online presence.

Bypassing Geographic Restrictions

Unlock US proxies to gain access to region-specific content from overseas. Enjoy exclusive streaming services, US-centric websites, and tailored search results with ease.

Efficient Data Collection

Leverage the power of US proxies for streamlined data scraping from American websites. Maintain a local presence and navigate around access restrictions seamlessly.

Privacy and Online Anonymity

US proxies enhance your online privacy by concealing your genuine IP address, ensuring complete anonymity and security during your online activities.

Monitoring SEO Performance

Harness US proxies to closely monitor your SEO performance on US-based search engines. A critical tool for digital marketers targeting the American market.

Email Verification

Utilize US proxies for bulk email address verification, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Effective Social Media Management

Manage multiple social media profiles effectively with US proxies, reducing the risk of being flagged for unusual activity while maintaining control over your online presence.

E-commerce and Online Shopping

Access US-exclusive e-commerce deals and products from anywhere globally. Establish a US-based digital presence seamlessly using US proxies for an enhanced online shopping experience.

In-Depth Market Research

Deploy US proxies to gather invaluable market insights within the United States. Gain an edge in strategic business decisions and gain a deep understanding of local consumer preferences.

Talent Acquisition

Utilize US proxies to scour the web for professional talents and candidates that align with your company's needs. Streamline talent acquisition efforts and enhance your workforce.

Top Uses of US Proxies

Data Collection

US proxies are often used by data scientists and researchers for web collection. They allow you to gather large amounts of data from websites without being blocked or blacklisted.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO professionals often use US proxies for local keyword ranking checks. By using a US proxy, they can check how a particular keyword ranks on search engines from the perspective of a US-based user.

Online Privacy

Using a US proxy can help users maintain online privacy. By masking your original IP and providing a US-based one, proxies help protect your identity from potential online threats.

Business Operations

Companies operating globally can use US proxies to understand their market better, test ads, validate links, check how their website appears from different locations, and conduct competitor research more accurately.

Online Gaming

Online gamers may use proxies to access geo-restricted games, reduce lag through a better server route, or play games from a specific location-based server.


Online retailers can use US proxies to monitor and compare prices from other US-based retailers, allowing them to stay competitive in their pricing strategies.

Discover Our Comprehensive Range of United States Proxy Solutions

Rotating Residential Proxies

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Packages with different options, features, prices, and available locations

  • US, CA, UK, RL regions
  • Metered & unmetered plans
  • State IPs (US only)
  • Unlimited concurrent session
  • Sticky sessions (60 minutes)
  • Rotation sessions
  • Dashboard access
  • Zero Captcha IPs
  • Instant delivery
  • 24/7 support
  • Bandwidth rollover
  • 100% pure residential IPs
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Top Benefits of Using United States Proxies from Live Proxies

Utilizing US proxies from Live Proxies provides a plethora of benefits. From top-notch security to unmatched reliability, our proxies offer an enhanced, secure, and seamless browsing experience that goes beyond typical offerings.

Unparalleled Security

Live Proxies prioritizes your online security. Our US proxies employ advanced encryption, ensuring your data and browsing activities remain confidential. Browse with peace of mind, knowing your privacy is safeguarded.

High-Speed Connections

Slow internet speeds can hinder your online experience. Live Proxies guarantees high-speed connections with our US proxies, facilitating swift browsing, streaming, and downloads while minimizing latency for optimal user satisfaction.

Wide Access to Geo-Restricted Content

With our US proxies, you gain access to a digital playground within the US web. Enjoy unrestricted entry to US-based streaming services, online shopping platforms, and news sites typically limited to US users.

Reliable Uptime

Consistency is key to a seamless online experience. Our US IP proxies offer dependable uptime, ensuring uninterrupted browsing. Count on us for all your online requirements.

Expert Customer Support

At Live Proxies, we pride ourselves on our superior customer support. Our team is ready to assist with any issues or inquiries related to our US IP proxies. We are committed to ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for our users.

Enhanced Anonymity

Live Proxies adds an extra layer of anonymity to your online activities. Our US proxies help conceal your identity and protect your digital footprint, ensuring a heightened level of privacy during your online endeavors.

How are US proxies from Live Proxies
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Live Proxies


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Unlock the Full Potential of US Proxies with Live Proxies

User Account Creation at Live Proxies

Embark on your journey by creating an account with Live Proxies. Navigate to our website and click 'Register.' You have the flexibility to register manually by providing essential information such as your name, email, and preferred password, or you can opt for a swifter sign-up using your Google or Discord account.

Selecting the Right US Proxy Package

Sign in and explore our array of US Proxy packages featured on our Pricing page. Customize your choice to match your specific needs, taking into consideration factors like the quantity of IP addresses and service duration. Handpick your preferred package and finalize your purchase using your favored payment method.

Proxy Configuration and Installation

Once your selected package is activated, access your 'Proxy List' directly from the dashboard. Here, you can view and manage your US Proxies with ease. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided to configure these proxies with your software or browser. If you encounter any challenges during the setup process, our dedicated customer support team is readily available to provide assistance.

Connecting to the US IP Proxies

Establish a connection to our US proxy server to harness its full range of capabilities. This connection empowers you to access content exclusive to the United States, overcome geo-restrictions effortlessly, and maintain your online privacy.

Regular Monitoring and Effective Management

Safeguard optimal performance by conducting regular oversight of your US Proxies. Assess their status and review usage analytics conveniently through your dashboard, ensuring they consistently meet your expectations for a superior online experience.

Enhanced Online Capabilities Await

With your US Proxies configured and ready to go, you're well-equipped to explore the web without limitations. Relish unfettered access to US-specific content, enjoy heightened data privacy, and maximize your internet efficiency, all made possible by Live Proxies.

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