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What Is a Sneaker Bot and How Does It Work?

Explore the pivotal role of sneaker bots in changing sneaker culture, their mechanics, legality, and top picks for 2024, ensuring success in the competitive sneaker market.

What Is Sneaker Bot
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20 April 2024

A sneaker bot is software that automates checkout processes for limited-stock sneakers in large volumes, at a faster pace than possible by humans. Sneakers purchased by sneaker bots are then flipped for profit. The main types of sneaker bots are all-in-one bots that target multiple retailers, and rafflebots that target sneaker raffles.

Why are sneaker bots important in sneaker culture? Sneaker bots are important because they have changed the sneaker retail market by making limited supply sneakers even more limited, and inflating the demand market. With so many sneaker bot users, many sneaker retailers have been forced to stop having open sales for new sneaker drops and do raffles instead.

Sneakers are consistently popular in the fashion world, and limited-sneaker runs are a consistent profit center for sneaker resellers—especially those that use sneaker bots.

How to get your sneakers early

You can get your sneakers early by using the right type of sneaker bot for your target store. It targets all retailers that sell sneakers, such as e-commerce marketplaces like Shopify and Amazon, traditional retailers like Walmart and Target, sportswear giants like Foot Locker and Nike, and footwear-specific brands like New Balance.

How Do Sneaker Bots Work?

Sneaker bots work by simulating human behavior to trick e-retailers that a human is purchasing their sneakers. The sneaker bot owner inputs tasks, profiles, and modules into the sneaker bot, then runs the program to automate purchases on their behalf. Sneaker bots are able to check inventory, bypass CAPTCHAs, fake browser fingerprints, and other functions to mimic what a human does.

Mechanics of sneaker bots

  • Automating checkout. A sneaker bot’s primary function is to automate the checkout process, such as carting an item, entering the billing details, and confirming the purchase. A good sneaker bot will know how to checkout slowly enough so it isn’t suspicious.
  • Monitoring sneaker drops. Sneaker bots scrape the URLs of sneaker retailers to anticipate the latest drops, and restocks of hot items, to schedule a mass purchase.
  • Creating multiple accounts. An account creation bot creates multiple accounts for different sneaker retailers using disposable email addresses. Multiple email addresses are necessary to avoid being blacklisted or banned from sneaker retailers for using a sneaker bot.
  • Footprinting. If a sneaker bot uses footprinting, it is able to see upcoming sneaker drops before they are publicly known. URLs sometimes become live before they’re published, leaving a footprint of an unknown sneaker drop for footprinting bots to find.
  • Solving captchas. Sneaker bots use machine learning to identify the warped letters in CAPTCHAs. For reCAPTCHAs, Google’s more difficult version of CAPTCHAs, sneaker bots have CAPTCHA harvesters that use different gmail accounts to bypass CAPTCHAs in a single click. CAPTCHA proxies are also used to create trustworthy Google accounts to solve CAPTCHAs from multiple addresses.

Strategies for securing limited sneaker releases

  • Join a cook group. A cook group is a community of sneakerheads who work together on platforms such as Discord, Telegram, and Slack to share information, discover new tools, exchange advice, monitor new sneaker releases, and participate in group buys.
  • Use a sneaker proxy. To get into the sneaker game, you need to set up sneaker proxies to access sneaker websites under different addresses. Sneaker retailers don’t like sneakerheads gaming the sneaker market, so they ban or blacklist users discovered using sneaker bots. Sneaker proxies help sneaker coppers avoid detection by creating a middleman to purchase sneakers through.
  • Use a raffle bot. Many sneaker retailers have transitioned to raffling off limited-stock sneakers instead of the “first come first serve” model, due to rampant use of sneaker bots. It’s increasingly difficult to score sneakers with first come first serve bots, so beginner sneaker coppers benefit from trying a raffle bot instead.
  • Keep a spreadsheet. Track which accounts are winning, what is working, and what’s not working. If you are using sneaker proxies, track which sneaker proxies produce more profit.

Types of Sneaker Bots

Sneaker bots come in all forms. Some sneaker bots such as Shopify bots target specific markets, while some sneaker bots like NSB bots (Nike Sneaker Bots) target specific brands. Some sneaker bots only offer subscriptions, while some are fully purchasable. Sneaker bots vary in price, depending on the service offered, and many have a waitlist.

AIO bots

AIO (all in one) bots make purchases “all-in-one” on multiple sites simultaneously when a new shoe drops, and also offer different sneaker bot services all in one package. AIOs are expensive because they offer so many services. AIOs with an intuitive user interface like Valor and Haypha are popular since they are useful for both beginner and advanced sneakerheads.

FCFS bots

FCFS (first come first serve) bots target sneaker sites that allow the purchase of new sneaker drops the moment they come available, to the first available user. If someone is using a sneaker bot, they skip ahead of the line easily. Raffle bots

Raffle bots automate entry into sneaker raffles by monitoring for new raffles, creating different accounts, filling out forms, and confirming the entry. To combat sneaker bots, many sneaker retailers switched to sneaker raffles for new sneaker drops. Rafflebots were created in response.

CLI bots

Command Line Interface bots. CLI bots don’t have a user interface and require the user to go into the file program to input proxies, create profiles, and set tasks. CLI bots offer more control and precision for programming-minded sneakerheads, but are complicated for beginners.

Sneaker proxies

A sneaker proxy sets up different IP addresses near sneaker retailer datacenters to decrease lag and cop sneakers quickly. Sneaker proxies also create a buffer between the sneaker bot owner and the sneaker retailer. Having multiple emails doesn’t hide you if they all lead to the same IP address. Sneaker proxies keep sneaker bot owners safer from detection.

Are Sneaker Bots Illegal?

Sneaker bots are not illegal, but they break the TOS (Terms of Service) of many sneaker retailers and online marketplaces. If someone is caught using a sneaker bot, they are blacklisted and sometimes banned outright. As long as sneaker bot purchases go through legitimate channels, they are legal.

Legal implications of sneaker bot usage

Sneaker bots are not illegal, but many people find them ethically dubious. Sneaker bots are often used for scalping sneakers, which most people are against. In the U.S., the BOTS Act restricts ticket scalpers from purchasing tickets solely for resale. If sneaker bots continue to cause havoc on the sneaker market, they are in danger of becoming illegal as well.

Best Sneaker Bots to Use in 2024

AIO bots are expensive, but make sneaker bots simple and efficient. Raffle bots are the most successful single type of sneaker bot in 2024, since many retailers have switched to a raffle model after being dominated by traditional sneaker bots. AIO bots often include rafflebots in their service. There are also bot rental services to try out different sneaker bots.

Here are the best sneaker bots to use in 2024:

  • Valor. is an all-in-one (AIO) bot that works on multiple sneaker sites at once. Along with Shopify, Valor supports Adidas, Champs Sports, Eastbay, End Clothing, Finish Line, Footaction, Foot Locker, Nike, and Yeezy Supply. Valor has a user-friendly interface and performs consistently in the markets listed. Valor also supports “low-key” flips for other hot products, such as Mattel barbie dolls.
  • Hayha. Hayha is the most versatile all-in-one (AIO) sneaker bot, supporting 40+ unique sites, from major retailers such as Walmart and Amazon, to lowkey sites like Converse and Shiekh.
  • MEK AIO. MEK AIO is an all-in-one sneaker bot with an easy to use interface to help beginners start copping, and to learn how a sneaker bot works. MEK AIO has a large user base and support network, and offers subscription models as low as 10$ a month. MEK AIO supports Yeezy, Shopify, JD sports, Finish Line, Nike, SNKRS, and all Footsites.
  • Project Enigma. Project Enigma is optimized for raffles and historically performs well for SNKRS and Nike drops. It is recommended for those with sneaker botting experience looking to level up their game. Running multiple accounts with Project Enigma helps your chances, so the stronger your PC, and the more proxies, the better.
  • Cybersole. Cybersole is a FCFS (first come first serve) bot specializing in automated checkouts. Cybersole boasts over 250+ supported retailers, 3 million successful checkouts, and 500 million total spent on sneaker drops.
  • NSB. NSB is an all-in-one bot that helps users cop limited edition sneakers and items from 100+ retailers including Nike, adidas, and Supreme, with an outstanding performance on Shopify. NSB users, from all over the world, have already copped over 30,000 items in 2024, worth a couple millions on the aftermarket, and the number is going up by the minute! Learn more about NSB here.
  • AYCD (All You Can Do). AYCD is a versatile tool designed to enhance productivity and profit in sneaker botting. It offers automation features like Captcha solvers, account generators, email management, profile building, GPS spoofing, activity generation, unique browser sessions, and proxy testing. AYCD integrates well with major sneaker bots, making it an essential addition to any botting setup.

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